Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Memoirs of An Imperfect Einjo. 

What's in a title? A whole lot apparently, according to the guide to writing blogs which I read before creating this lol. Yes I consulted the manuel.

I am a twenty something year old, Samoan based in Aotearoa/New Zealand, who constantly uses his Facebook timeline to protest against the great atrocities that often take place in this country, and the Pacific region. BUT, I also like to take time to profile, highlight and celebrate the many things that make us as Samoan (and Pacific) people unique. Yes the Memoirs is a direct copy and paste of Mariah's 2009 'The Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel', with the word Angel being ever so subtly replaced by the word Einjo, which in a strange way, says a little bit about who I am.

Dr Emma Kruise Vaai will no doubt have a more academic and thorough articulation of the history of this word (see "Producing the text of Culture") but for now we will take the definition produced by our fellow Einjo Sefa Lematua: 

Einjo means Hell Yeah! LOL. Samoan word ioe (yes), then became eio, then became einjo. other variations of it are Einko, Einkorina, Einkolee & Einjoriken. LOL!

All in all it's just a little fun. :) They say blogging, like anything is a rare art, that only the most creative, word savvy amongst us should dare to share their thoughts. I've seen some amazing bloggers and know I could never compare, and then I've seen some other bloggers who no one reads and thought why not join them :) Blogging is after all a creative outlet for the amazing geniuses who keep us clinging on to every word they write, eagerly anticipating their next posts. People like the inspirational Lani Wendt Young and Patrick Thomsen Noa who never cease to amaze.

It's also a place where you can speak your mind freely, and if people don't like what you have to say, you can address.......  delete them! lol. Channeling my thoughts into a blog also saves many of my personal friends who have lamented at my save the whales/world/platypus-like statuses that have often consumed my timeline - that and Mariah songs.

So consider this official notice. Lot's of great things going on at the moment. I am here to blog and share my thoughts as a citizen of the world! Einjo lol.


  1. Einjo! :D Look at you memoir-ing away like the geisha you are! lol

    ps. ... I think I might know a sad little girl who belongs to that "bloggers whose stuff no one ever reads" category... LOL Welcome to the blogosphere sweets xx

    1. LMFAOO I was talking more about myself. Shushh I just read yours and sorry about you. Loved the Beauty post.

      Can only try :) x